Livingston Huaxia Chinese School

2017 - 2018 Academic Calendar

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Week Date Status School Activity
 9/9/2017CloseLHXCS Teacher Conference  
1  9/16/2017OpenFirst Day of School    
2  9/23/2017OpenFirst Day of Culture and Adult Classes  
 9/30/2017CloseSchool Closed for Jewish Holiday  
3  10/7/2017OpenParent Teacher Conference  
4  10/14/2017OpenRecitation Contest (Grade 1 - 3)  
5  10/21/2017OpenRegular School Day  
 10/22/2017CloseHuaxia Mind Sports (Hosting: Bridgewater)  
6  10/28/2017OpenRegular School Day  
7  11/4/2017OpenRegular School Day  
8  11/11/2017OpenRegular School Day  
 11/12/2017CloseHuaxia Annual Teacher Conference  
9  11/18/2017OpenRegular School Day  
 11/25/2017CloseSchool Closed for Thanksgiving Day  
10  12/2/2017OpenRegular School Day
MLP Unit One Test  
11  12/9/2017OpenTextbook Recitation Contest (Grade 4 - 9)
Huaxia Arts Festival  
12  12/16/2017OpenRegular School Day
Christmas & New Year Celebration  
 12/23/2017CloseSchool Closed for Christmas Day  
 12/30/2017CloseSchool Closed for New Year Day  
13  1/6/2018OpenRegular School Day
HX Speech Contest Grade1-3 (Hosting: Livingston)  
14  1/13/2018OpenRegular School Day  
15  1/20/2018OpenMidterm Exam  
16  1/27/2018OpenRegular School Day  
17  2/3/2018OpenRegular School Day  
18  2/10/2018OpenRegular School Day  
 2/17/2018CloseSchool Closed for Chinese New Year Day  
 2/24/2018CloseSchool Closed for Winter Break Weekend
Livingston Chinese Culture Day  
19  3/3/2018OpenImprovised Story Telling Contest (Grade 1- 5)
Improvised Story Writing Contest (Grade 6-9)  
 3/10/2018CloseSchool Closed Due to inclement weather  
20  3/17/2018OpenRegular School Day
MLP Unit Two Test
Huaxia Graduation (HSK) Exams (Hosting::奔腾)  
21  3/24/2018OpenRegular School Day  
22  3/31/2018OpenRegular School Day  
23  4/7/2018OpenRegular School Day  
24  4/14/2018OpenRegular School Day
Huaxia Star  (Hosting: Montgomery)  
25  4/21/2018OpenRegular School Day
HSK Level 1-6 Test (Hosting:Livingston)  
26  4/28/2018OpenChinese Word Bee Contest Grade 1 -9  
 4/29/2018CloseHuaxia Debate Contest Grade 4-9 (Hosting: Edison)  
27  5/5/2018OpenSchool Annual Election  
28  5/12/2018OpenRegular School Day  
29  5/19/2018OpenRegular School Day  
 5/26/2018CloseSchool Closed for Memorial Day  
30  6/2/2018OpenRegular School Day  
31  6/9/2018OpenFinal Exam & MLP Unit Three Test
Last Day of Culture and Adult Classes  
32  6/16/2018OpenLast Day of School & Graduation  

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