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Livingston Huaxia Chinese School

Food and Drink Policy

In accordance with the requirements of the Livingston Board of Education, the Livingston Huaxia Chinese School will enforce a food and drink policy to provide all of its students with a healthy, sanitary, and safe academic environment and to protect students from food poisoning, allergies, and from pests that may be attracted by food debris. There will be absolutely no food or beverages allowed at any time in the classrooms, gymnasiums, auditorium, hallways, and/or other areas inside the school, except the cafeteria.

1. No food or beverages may be brought anywhere inside the school, except for the cafeteria. Bottled water is permitted in all areas of the school but can only be consumed in the hallways, gymnasiums, or cafeteria.

2. For the first violation of this policy, the student will be sent to the school office and suspended for two weeks. The student's parents will also be held accountable for any damages resulting from their child's violation of the policy. The second time this rule is violated, the student will be suspended for the rest of the school year without any tuition refund. For the teachers or staff members, first time offenders to this policy will be given a warning. A repeat will result in termination of employment contract.

3. Teachers have the responsibility to enforce this Food and Drink Policy. If a teacher finds his/her students eating or drinking in the classroom, the teacher should stop the student immediately and send the student to the school office. At the end of class, each teacher should check his/her classroom to make sure no food or drinks are left in the classroom. The first time any food or drink is found in the classroom after the teacher has left, the teacher will be given a warning and the incident will be taken into consideration at the school year-end evaluation. If there is any food or drink found in the classroom again, the school employment contract with the teacher will be terminated.

4. PTA will assign two or more parents to patrol in the hallway during school hours to help enforce this Food and Drink policy.

5. The school Board and administration team shall strictly follow the measures of this policy to protect our students and school.

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